45th Reunion Attendees


This list includes all people who have registered for the 45th Reunion to date. We will update it as often as possible based on receiving your registrations and payments. This reunion we are accepting Credit Cards and Checks.  Let's keep our numbers growing no matter what list you are on! See you in April!

Let's make this a great turnout so tell your friends to sign up now.

The Reunion Commitee...  Go Tigers!!  



Last Update: 4-26-2017

Total Attending: 112

(88 Classmates, 24 Guests)

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Susan Howard + David Bernstein + Karen Howard + Chris O'Brien

Pam Mowatt (Trombino)   

Barbara Gaffin

Ken Gorfinkle

Michael Blau

John Cetrone _+ Victoria Cetrone

Midge Gluck (Dell) + Herb Bello

Carol Karlson

Tim Lawlor  + Guest

Tom Lawlor + Guest

Douglas Nee + Odilla McLeod

Russell Rich + Laurie Brickman (Genereux)

Leslie Rosenthal (Doherty)

Susan Levin (Robbins)

Mark Herendeen

Susan Burns (Herendeen)

Walter Cox

Richard Doherty + Guest

Beth Wellington

Cathy Ard (Davis)

Gary Stephen Fagelman

Ingrid Gabliks (Dankers)

Lynne Garafalo

Paul Maregni + Linda Maregni

Karen Schlager (Tollestrup)

Lynne Cohen (Cohen - Friedman)

Roni Appel (Siegel)

Theresa Bontempo

Denise Hite (Quigley)

Sherri Petievich (Perelli) + Renato "Reny" Perelli

Jonathan Levy + Kay Levi

Stephen Smith

Eileen Fitzpatrick + Suzannah Martin

Don Gentile + Rachel Gentile

Tom Kovar

Richard Healey

Margie Kaitz (Seligman)

Carolyn Goodglass (Taylor) + Robert Lintz

Darlene Connors

Peter Yasigian

Gail McCarthy (Bickford)

Donna King (Coutu)

Ruth Hurwitz (Ehrlich)

Karen Strauss (Kramer)

Betsi Wasserman (Irving)

Colleen Cole (Cappellucci)

Sandy Seltzer (Segal)

Carol Wein

Ned Leone + Cindy Leone

Janet Olsick (Chalmers)

Helene Solomon (Smith)

James Mannix

Jennene Pasquarosa

David Douglas + Sally Baier

Steven Tedeschi

Sheila Williams

Steve Frawley

Matthew Schreiner + Guest

Doreen Quintillani

Richard Chaisson + Judy Harding

Kate Fernandez (Donovan) + Mark Donovan

Patricia McIsaac

Gail Collins (Collins-Lennon) + Mark Lennon

Ginny Tosney (Tosney-Trask)

Richard Yanofsky + Susan Yanofski

Howard Kaufman

Mary Towbin (Potere)

Nancy Brandon (Magliocca) + Marcia Silk (Walsh)

Robert Carleo

Robert Clemente + Marie Clemente

Kathy Abboud (Johnson)

Jamie E Silverstein (Stolper) +  David Stolper

Dana Cohen + Doug Freeman

Jack Doolin + Bonnie Doolin

Rosy Roback

Robert Shapiro

Jim Coen

Tom Powers

Robert Chaney

Joan Hathaway (Buchan)

Susan Abramson